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From a young age, my internal dialogue revolved around negativity and self-doubt, which created instability in every area of my life. To say that I struggled with confidence is an understatement. I was constantly striving for perfection, and beating myself up emotionally when I didn’t achieve it.

I felt like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other… constantly. I would do juice fasts and eat what I thought was “perfectly healthy”, then later binge on junk food because it was impossible to keep up for the long haul. 

I would exercise excessively because I thought that would make me “perfectly healthy” and then fall off my ambitious fitness goals because I was too tired to keep it up for anything longer than a few weeks or months. I created unrealistic expectations for myself that set me up for failure right from the start. 

Emotionally, I was burnt out. 

Physically, I was exhausted. 

Nutritionally, I was malnourished. 

I started to have stomach aches constantly, my energy was low, and I craved sweet and salty foods at night, I was bloated, and just felt better when I didn’t eat.

My unhealthy mindset and expectations for myself, on top of constant fluctuations in my eating habits and exercise, created chronic fatigue that became unbearable. The anxiety and depression that unfolded in my life was no joke. I was in survival mode, and I managed the stress with unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

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What I truly needed was balance and a plan that was meant for me and myself only. Nobody should have to excessively exercise or starve their body to achieve health and happiness. 

I have worked with a number of mentors from various professions, to whom I hold much gratitude for guiding me when I couldn’t do it myself. They taught me how to strive for balance and not perfection, while I also began to listen to the information my body was trying to communicate with me. I no longer carry the burden of doubt.

I eat smart, exercise appropriately, and feel like I’m the best version of myself.

It’s now my mission to help you see balance in your own life, and learn how to make that balance last.

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