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Helping women break the dieting mentality and maintain a healthy weight, *without* having to spend countless hours at the gym or sacrifice pleasure or fun”

Hello my name is Lisa writing

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and habit engineer, with a background in personal training and teaching yoga. I help you break up with the all-or-nothing dieting cycle, and show you the simplest no-nonsense way to maintain a healthy weight (no over-exercising, deprivation, or willpower necessary).

If you’re here, you probably want to put an end to dieting, but you might be hesitant because you’re scared that the freedom to eat whenever you want, and whatever you want will result in overeating or unwanted weight gain. I totally get that, because that’s how I felt. I didn’t trust myself around food. The first step is building your self-trust. Trusting yourself around food is one of the most fundamental concepts in order to break out of the all-or-nothing cycle. The idea of trusting yourself sounds great but it can be hard to do, especially when we’ve been told from diet culture for years if not decades that we can’t do that for ourselves. Let me assure you:

YOU CAN, and I’m here to support you and keep you on track every step of the way, so that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

It’s time to reconnect to yourself in a more balanced, compassionate way.

Well Balance Metabolism Guide

Establishing an eat-forever approach to life is possible – with the right support!


Do you find that you’re great when you are following a diet plan…but you’re not sure what to eat and what to do for exercise if you’re not on a plan? Do you tend to try and avoid certain foods high in fat, carbs, or calories? Do you get mad at yourself for eating something unhealthy? Do you find yourself eating when you’re anxious, sad, or depressed even if you’re not hungry? Not sure what kind of workouts are best for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re not alone—and you’re in the right place.

With the right guidance, I will help you to improve your relationship with food and exercise, so that you can eat the same way on Saturday as you do on Monday, and start enjoying every day to its fullest.


The Anti-Diet Guide

Are you tired of feeling restricted, counting calories, and obsessing about food? Here’s the problem with diet culture… It’s self-destructive. It’s constantly telling you that you’re not good enough unless you are (insert inaccurate belief), therefore you need to do more of (insert unhealthy behaviour).

It’s time to break up with the dieting mentality! Inside this guide I’ll share…

  • My top 5 strategies for helping you break up with diet culture AND still achieve a healthy body weight, without all the restriction, deprivation and negative self-talk.
  • We’ll cover the basics of metabolism and how to get yours into balance.
  • I’ll share my Anti Diet Recipe book where you will find a collection of delicious recipes I put together just for you. These recipes will keep you inspired and help you eat more nutrient-dense foods.
Well Balance Metabolism Guide

The Well-Balanced Method

Imagine the freedom of saying goodbye to emotional eating, cravings, feeling guilty after eating, counting calories, and obsessing about food.


The 8 Week Well-Balanced Method is an anti-diet group coaching program designed to help you get off the yo-yo dieting cycle and dive deep into what’s going on in the mind—addressing emotional eating, limiting beliefs, and food guilt, while gaining respect for your body that lasts a lifetime.



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“Initially, I reached out to Lisa about regulating my energy levels and finding ways to improve my skin health — I was breaking out in acne regularly. She recommended removing certain inflammatory foods from my diet with substitutes for items that were affecting my skin. I noticed how my body responded to certain foods, and what was triggering acne breakouts. I recently checked in with her after moving countries and she has provided a plan including supplements and easy activities to reduce stress, improve my mood, and regulate my hormones. Lisa makes it very accessible and easy to incorporate these new techniques into my diet and lifestyle. She has a very holistic approach without feeling restrictive or daunting. While I am trying new ways to manage my stress and skin, I have noticed a dramatic difference in a year alone!”

Emilie Wong

Continuous bloating and constipation had become a daily struggle for me. I read about so many different causes and food plans and I wasn’t sure where to start or what was best for my situation. I had tried different elimination diets and wasn’t seeing a change. It became difficult to know what I should be eating or avoiding or if anything I was doing was even making an impact. Lisa is knowledgeable and professional. She really listens to your specific problem in order to find out the root cause. Lisa goes out of her way to check-in, provide helpful resources, and listen carefully to your needs. A few days into adjusting my eating habits and adding specific supplements Lisa recommended and I started to see a decrease in my bloating. It feels amazing to know what the root cause was for my symptoms and to be able to maintain it in a manageable way.”

Megan D'Angelo

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